© Fairyrosetoys 2012 Guillow’s Snap&Fly Fly three different RC airplanes from this one box The Snap&Fly™ airplanes use an innovative bottom control module that is common to all planes and houses the motor, propeller, all electronics and control push rods. This bottom control module easily ‘snaps’ into place using magnets onto whichever plane you choose to fly. Then the radio transmitter has a mixing switch so it can be set to give the chosen airplane the appropriate control for easy, fun flying. The airplanes LiPo battery can be charged right on the transmitter at the flying field. Flight time over 10 minutes from approx 30 min charge. Made o f lightweight foam, these Snap&Fly™ airplanes will provide hours of fun flying in your local gymnasium or outdoor flying field. Recommended to be flown in calm to light wind conditions. Box Contains: Radio Transmitter - Control Base Module - Biplane, Canard and V-tail 2 LiPo batteries - Instruction manual Extra Parts (1 motor, 1 motor mount, 1 propeller) Frequency: 900MHz band / 8 switchable freq. Control Distance: >300ft / 100m Proportional Controls: 3 channels (throttle, conventional/v-tail/elevon) Batteries: 4AA in transmitter, 1 LiPo (85mAh/15c) in plane LiPo Charger: Dual built into radio transmitter